Why is My Brother Printer Not Printing?

Would you like to fix the printing issues you are experiencing with your Brother Printer? If yes! Then you are on the right page as we are discussing the ways to fix the Brother Printer Not Printing issue. Your Brother Printer may not print because of several factors. Whenever you face such type of issue then you need to approach the right method to fix it.

Brother Printer Not Printing

Brother Printer Connected to WiFi but not Printing

If your Brother Printer is connected over a wireless network but it not able to print then do the following:

  1. Make sure your Brother Printer is turned on and ready to use
  2. Check that whether it is showing any error on display or not. If you find any type of error on display then you need to fix it immediately
  3. Verify that your Brother Printer is set to the default printer or not
  4. Check the status of your Brother Printer whether it is Offline or not. If you find any offline message on the display then try to fix it
  5. Cancel all the print jobs
  6. After approaching the above steps, your Brother Printer will start printing

Brother Printer not Printing Double-Sided

If your Brother Printer is not printing both sides of paper then follow the steps that are given below:

  1. Try to use a paper of standard size as recommended by Brother Printer
  2. If the paper is curled or thin then it may wrap up. So, check the paper and remove it, if you find any issue with it
  3. Load the paper in the tray properly
  4. Use a paper such as A4, Letter, or Legal-size plain paper (60 to 105 gsm)

Why won’t my Brother Printer Print Black?

You may get Brother Printer won’t printing black issue because of the print head. To fix it look at the steps:

  1. Visit the ink settings of your Brother Printer
  2. Tap on Ink management
  3. Now, tap on Cleaning and select the “Black” option
  4. Then, click OK

Note: After approaching the above steps, you will be able to fix your Brother Printer is not printing black issue. If your Brother Printer won’t print without color ink then try to insert a new cartridge in it.

Ways to fix  Not Printing Issue in Brother Printer

The ways to fix Brother Printer not printing issue are mentioned below. Approach each method one by one to fix the Brother Printer printing issue

Way 1: Make sure your Brother Printer is connected to a power source

The first attempt to fix the printing issue with brother printer would be checking whether it is connected to a power source or not. If the LED light is not blinking in your printer, it may be because the printer is not getting AC power properly.

Way 2: Verify that your printer is connected to the router or not

Check that your Brother Printer is connected to your router or with the access point or not. If required, reset the cable on both ends to provide a connection to your Brother printer.

Way 3: Download and Run the Network Repair Utility

If the above ways do not work out to fix the printing issue with your Brother Printer, then run the Network Repair Utility to fix the issue; do the following

  1. Using your Pc/Mac visit the Brother Printer Support page
  2. Now, select the Network Repair Utility file for your Brother Printer
  3. Then, let the downloading process complete
  4. Now, head to the BrotherNetTool.exe file location and double tap on it
  5. Now, follow the prompts to finish the installation process of Network Repair Utility software
  6. After installing utility file on your device, try to run it on your device
  7. Let the diagnosis process complete and fix the issue, if you find any
  8. Now, take a print test using your Brother Printer

Way 4: Confirm the connection between your Brother Printer and computer

  1. Turn of the power switch of your Brother Printer
  2. Then, long-press the Go button until the LED light are not turned off
  3. Wait for a while and turn on your Brother printer
  4. Now, you will find that your Brother Printer is connected to your computer

Note: These above methods also can be used to fix Brother Printer printing blank pages, Brother Printer receiving data but not printing properly, and Brother Printer in error state issue.

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To sum up, there can be several factors due to which you are facing Brother Printer not printing issue. Approaching the solution given in this post you will be able to fix the printing issue with the Brother printer. Hopefully, your Brother Printer printing issue has been fixed referring to this post.

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